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I’m Jack Tricken! I’m from Brazil and I play summoners war for 3 years ago. I have almost 200 videos of Summoners War recorded on my youtube channel and I like to record videos with tips and tricks for all the players to evolve in the game and of course, a lot of guild War gameplay!



How does Jack Tricken’s COACHING work?
It works like a class of Summoners War, I’ll look at your account, analyze, and assemble the best teams for you, take your questions, and of course explain all the runes you should use.

The first step is to define what are the objectives of your account at the moment, that is, where to focus to achieve the best possible results, to evolve in the game

The coaching is by Facebook or Line so we will talk and I’ll explain step by step, what you should do in your account at that moment, that is, assemble the best teams with the best runes (Giant, Dragon, Necro , Raid, GvG, Arena, TOA, all you need …) and see what are the next monsters you must upgrade to 6 stars, how to use the devilmons, and everything else!

The Jack Tricken’s coaching is a return to the players who support the channel, that is my way of saying thank you!


So, if you also want to support Jack Tricken’s channel, here are the rewards you’ll earn!

Result guaranteed by many Summoners War players! You will be able to see the difference and the evolution of your account! Be sure:  this Coaching pays off more than buying Crystals and Scrolls in the game!

(All donations will be used to purchase equipment for the channel, so the videos are getting more and more quality!)

Available coaching options: 

Complete Coaching: Donation of $ 59.97 for the channel.

A complete Coaching with Jack Tricken by Facebook or Line. I will add you as a friend in Summoners war to look at your account, and send a quiz where you will explain everything about your account and your current goals. Then, let’s talk about, and I’ll make a game plan for your account, explaining step by step how to evolve your account in the best way possible! You will receive a full written report.

(Ideal for beginners and Mid Game players)

 You can make your donation through PayPal, click here:


Monthly Coaching: Donation of $ 99.97 for the channel.

Same as complete Coaching, plus tracking your account evolution for 1 month per Line, where you can ask questions about your account at any time!

(Ideal for MID and END game players)

You can make your donation through PayPal, click here:

After making the donation, or if you have any questions, just call me on Facebook or Line!

 * Add me Facebook ! 

Line ID: jacktricken

See you later!

Jack Tricken

( Jack Tricken’s Summoners War Coaching )